The future is research, and success is development.

For three decades now, dentona® has optimized and continued to perfect the production of dental models with numerous product innovations. When dentona® research findings are implemented as high-end specialty products, the focus is always on the benefit to the customer. This is possible due to close, personal contact with the customer and due to an efficient network of partners that not only bring in their own ideas and needs from their daily practice, but also coordinate the development phases of new products. The result is a number of specialty products, some of which have even become legendary, such as esthetic-rock® 285, CAM-base®, or esthetic-base® gold. In-house research and development work has made it possible for dentona® to present the world's first specialty casts with 0.00% expansion. This technology was considered infeasible, and has not been achieved by any other manufacturer."New Way dental technology" has been the dentona® claim since 2011 and underscores our willingness to pursue the latest developments in dental technology together with you, turning them into tangible products that you can use. At the IDS 2013, dentona® was the first provider ever to present a fully developed technology package for digital model creation. Dental labs have the ability, thanks to dentona®, to turn data obtained online from an interoral camera or a form scanner into a precision model, economically and on their own. In conventional technology, as well, dentona® continues to set the standard. Innovative specialty versions of proven plastic socket systems and a special base casting material with a hardness of over 400 N/mm² are the technical highlights of 2013.




dentona® unites the entire value creation chain under one roof: from research to compounding high-end raw materials to producing dental products and delivering them to the end user. This means that dentona® can guarantee you the highest product quality—for over 30 years. The example of our specialty cast production demonstrates the efforts that we go to in order to provide our customers with the top performance that they expect. Standardized processes, highly qualified employees, and many material tests—from digital color measurement of casting powders to evaluation of trim facets on the master model—mean that every production batch conforms to the promised product characteristics, as documented by an inspection certificate. The pleasant vanilla aroma is proof of original dentona® quality. For several years dentona® has also presented itself as a provider of high-quality CAD/CAM equipment. The superhard casting material esthetic-base B.C., presented in 2010, is the latest proof of this expertise. The world's first superhard casting material with no expansion, ZERO stone, was presented at IDS 2009. This was just the first product in the new ZERO line, and was followed by ZERO arti and ZERO sockel.





arti-plaster 60: first specialty articulation casting material
esthetic-base gold: first visually appealing specialty superhard casting material best suited for CAD/CAM use
sockel-plaster®140: first specialty socket cast with very low expansion
ScanWax 21: for the first time, optimal modeling characteristics are combined with good scannability.
esthetic-rock 285: first plastic-stabilized superhard casting material
dento-mask 21: first gum mask optimally suited for CAD/CAM use
Introduction of the new casting material colors ivory, pearl grey, and apricot
dento-bite 21 FGP: first scannable registration material for dynamic occlusion imprinting
hydro-stone 180: first alginate optimized superhard casting material type 41995: CAM-base®: First specialty casting material for optoelectronic scanning using Cerec® CAD/CAM systems
ZERO stone: first dental casting compound in the world with 0.00% expansion.
hydro-rock 280: first specialty superhard casting material for hydrophilic casting compounds
ZERO arti: first articulation casting compound in the world with 0.00% expansion.
precibalite plus: first gypsum-bonded embedding compound for hot furnaces
ZERO sockel: first socket casting compound in the world with 0.00% expansion.
esthetic-base 300: first specialty superhard casting material with pleasant vanilla aroma
esthetic-base B.C.: first base casting material for scanning with short-wavelength blue light
blue-base sympathico: first specialty presentation casting material with the scientifically proven sympaticho effect
3D modeldesigner: erstmals kann der Anwender ein digitales Modell aus Gips inhouse fertigen
esthetic-base LC: first specialty superhard casting material with fluorescent additive to support light hardening
3D esthetic-base® evolution: first specialty superhard casting material with a hardness of > 400 N/mm²